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As many of you know, I spent 13 years working with my father at the Blanket Factory in Loreto Centro. My family and I decided to begin making our own dream come true.
Beginning in January 2015, we started with a small stand servicing the cruise ships visiting Loreto, saving until we had enough money to invest in our own storefront. Roll forward three years and we secured a location in the town plaza where we continue to service our existing and new customers with Mexican handcrafts direct from the producers, a large variety of souveniers, and small batch artesanal liquors and tequila.



My birthplace is Tlaxcala, Mexico (near Mexico City). It was here that I learned the fine art of textiles.


It is also why we are hand selecting the curios and tequila vendors, most often working direct with the vendors and artists.


We have added a lot of new items, while still supplying all your favorite items. Please stop by, even just to say Hello!


I want to thank all the people that have helped make this dream a reality for me and my family. Muchas gracias!


Francisco (Paco), Flor, Angel & Axel

Located in Loreto Centro in the town plaza.
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